To get started with the dashboard, please click Login with Discord!

Welcome to Rythm's Web Dashboard!

Welcome to the public beta! Here you can control Rythm from the web!

How to get started?

To get started, please click 'Login with Discord' at the top right of the page.
The application will ask you to authorize your account with Rythm; this is to check if you have correct permissions to access different aspects of the dashboard.

Invite Rythm to your Guild

What can I do on the Dashboard?

On the dashboard, you are able to

  • Control music inside your guild live right from the web
  • Request, play, pause, and skip songs
  • and more!

Issues, Feedback & Support:

If you run into any issues, we suggest joining the support server and using the help desk channel.
If you have any feedback or a suggestion, please use the #dash-suggestion channel in Rythm Bot's guild.

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